Finally, the Results You've Been Wanting!

Do you have aches & pains?

Do you think they are a normal sign of aging?

Would you like better posture and functioning?

Did you know that more than 85% of pain, discomfort, poor posture and dysfunction is due to compensations caused by misalignment and restrictions in your body?

If you are one of the millions of Americans with chronic muscular-skeletal pain or physical constraints, it is very likely you have been using your body in an imbalanced way.

Pain and dysfunction result from the body's inability to release restricted tissues and blocked energy. This restrictive load eventually becomes too much to allow normal functioning. Chronic and acute pain then express in the body and oftentimes significant injuries may happen. Pain is the body's way of saying "pay attention"; that this is too much. At this juncture, the body has run out of options to compensate for its restrictions any longer, and at the very least, performance suffers.

We tend to ignore our body's messages as we go about our daily lives. Poor postural habits and compensations that have developed over the years will cause an imbalance in our structure. This imbalance literally fights with gravity, with resulting strains and stresses that show up in our connective tissue, organs, nerves and circulatory system.


  • Acute musculo-skeletal pain
  • Chronic pain: headaches, neck, shoulder, back, limbs, joints, etc.
  • Arthritis & other joint conditions
  • Gastro-intestinal disorders


Most seek medical treatment - drugs & surgery! The problem with this approach is that they treat the symptoms, not the cause of the pain. Resolution comes when the root cause is being treated, not just the symptoms.

Do you want to get out of pain, prevent new injuries and heal from old ones?
Honestly, unless treatment addresses the underlying cause, relief can be only temporary.

Integrative soft tissue treatments represent the most current art and science of manual therapy to address unique issues that limit movement and performance or cause pain and dysfunction.


Have you tried different treatments to feel better, like massage, chiropractic, physical therapy, exercise and other holistic approaches? Did they work for you?

If you haven't found lasting relief from any of these different therapies you need to try Soft Tissue Treatment.

Soft Tissue Treatment is the art of bringing the body into balance and alignment within the field of gravity by releasing restrictions held by the fascia (connective tissue), viscera (organs), vascular (arteries and veins) or neural (nerves and associated tissues) systems. Each of these tissues can be precisely identified and manipulated.


"Some individuals may perceive their losing fight with gravity as a sharp pain in their back, others as the unflattering contour of their body, others as a constant fatigue, yet others as an unrelentingly threatening environment. Those over forty may call it old age. And yet all these signals may be pointing to a single problem so prominent in their own structure, as well as others, that it has been ignored: They are off balance. They are at war with gravity."  Ida P. Rolf, founder of Rolfing.

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